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Handgun Ammunition: Self Defense & Target Ammo

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Browse Handgun Ammunition including 9mm & .45 Caliber. Save Up To 44% Off — 241 Products In-Stock Today!

Brownells is one of the largest suppliers of Handgun Ammunition offering a huge selection of revolver and semi-auto pistol ammo from 18 brands and dozens of calibers (select from the filter menu).

We offer a wide range of 9mm ammunition and 380 Auto including Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) for reliable penetration, Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) for controlled expansion and maximum stopping power, and Polymer-Tipped Bullets for enhanced terminal performance.

Our .45 caliber ammunition also includes (FMJ) for deep penetration, JHP for reliable expansion and tissue damage, and additional options like +P Ammunition for increased velocity and energy. Brownells is committed to gun owners having access to ammunition tailored to their self-defense needs, providing peace of mind in critical situations for civilians and first responders.

Take a look at all Brownells Ammunition including rimfire, rifle, and shotgun ammo today!

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