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Product Spotlights

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Product Spotlight: Brownells Compensated Glock Barrels
Join Steve and Caleb from Brownells as they introduce an exciting new product for the Glock platform.
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Product Spotlight: The BCM A/T MRO Mount
Join Caleb from Brownells in this informative product spotlight where we delve into the innovative features of the Bravo Company Manufacturing Mount for the Trijicon MRO.
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Product Spotlight: The Colt Retro 4x Optic
In today's Brownells Product Spotlight, Steve brings exciting news for retro firearm enthusiasts. The Colt 4x carry handle scope.
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Product Spotlight: Brownells BRN-180 13.9" & 14.5" Uppers
Hallelujah, more BRN-180 upper assemblies! But why the odd barrel lengths? Caleb explains why these are the BEST barrel lengths for a compact AR type rifle.
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Product Spotlight: Teslong Digital Borescope
Join Caleb from Brownells as he takes you through the features and uses of the Teslong Digital Borescope. Discover how this tool can give you an unprecedented look inside your barrel, helping you maintain and improve your firearm's performance.
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Product Spotlight: Brownells BRN-601 Retro Upper Receiver
History you can shoot! Check out this modern AR-15 upper assembly that replicates the early Colt Model 601.
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Product Spotlight: BRN-15 Upper Receiver Deep Dive
Caleb shares some deep thoughts about what makes our new AR-15 upper one of the best on the market right now. Sit back and enjoy his insights.
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Product Spotlight: Unity Tactical AXON Remote Switch
You have two electronic devices mounted on your rifle, but how do you manage two remote switches and a tangle of wires? Caleb shows us a neat, effective solution.
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Product Spotlight: Forward Controls Panel Cable Management
Handguard rail covers that route cables from gun lights and other electronic devices have been around a while. The PCM system brings a whole new meaning to the term "squared away"!
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Product Spotlight: Kestrel KST1000 Shot Timer
Timing may not be everything, but it's often "mission critical." Here's a timer with extra features to help you develop impeccable timing as a shooter.
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Product Spotlight: Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System
It makes your AR-15 more reliable AND smooths out the recoil impulse? What sorcery is this? Caleb explains the magic.
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Product Spotlight: MultiTasker M:4 Multi-Tool
It's a miniature armorer's tool for your AR-15, so small you'll always be able to have it with you, J.I.C.
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Product Spotlight: SOTAR Cam Pin by Forward Controls Design
Can this little pin really be the key to increased your bolt-carrier group's service life? Caleb tells us the story.
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Product Spotlight: Foxtrot Mike Slap Mod
Caleb and Paul from FM get a little slap happy about a new solution to an age-old Kalashnikov problem.
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Product Spotlight: Foxtrot Mike Lower Receivers
It was as inevitable as another Star Wars sequel! Caleb and Paul have told us about the FM operating system and upper receivers. Now, it's time to talk lowers.
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Product Spotlight: Foxtrot Mike Upper Receivers
Caleb and his guest talk about uppers. No, not that kind! These uppers make you happy but don't lead to a crash.
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Product Spotlight: What Makes Foxtrot Mike Different?
Foxtrot Mike upper receivers look different from standard AR-15 uppers, and there's even more going on inside. How different are they and why? Let's find out!
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Product Spotlight: Midwest Industries AK Alpha Series
This new line of upgrade components will take your AK-platform rifle to levels of ergonomic comfort, control, and performance you've never experienced.
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Product Spotlight: Brownells BRN-9 Upper Receiver
Caleb gives us a tour of the "new hotness" in BRN World - our first pistol-caliber upper receiver.
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Product Spotlight: Sig Sauer P365 Rose
A rose by any other name is not the same as this particular new Rose! Caleb gives us the low-down on this special new-shooter package.
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Product Spotlight: Forward Controls M-LOK Handguard Covers
The folks at FCD have applied their usual ingenuity to their innovative covers for unoccupied M-LOK® slots. Caleb has the lowdown.
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Product Spotlight: FCD Ambidextrous AR-15 Selector Lever
Sometimes getting your AR into action effectively is all about speed. But if you can't release the safety, you're dead in the water. Here's a carefully engineered, ergonomically astute selector upgrade.
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Product Spotlight: The Ultra-Quiet BRN-180SH Upper
If you like shooting with a suppressor, here's a BRN-180 optimized for your needs!
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Brownells Exclusive Match Precision Rifle Scopes
The Brownells MPO line of optics are all made in Japan using high-quality components.
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Brownells Premier Upper Receivers BRN-180
The new Brownells BRN-180® and BRN-180S® Gen2 upper receivers were designed in conjunction with PWS and FM Products to incorporate many improvements AR-15 creator Eugene Stoner made in the AR-18/AR-180 rifles originally introduced in the 1960s.
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Product Spotlight: SOLGW / Geissele 13.7" AR-15 Upper
Brownells Gun Tech™ Keith Ford is joined by special guest Mike Mihalski, founder and owner of Sons of Liberty Gun Works, to give us a run-down on the SOLGW / Geissele 13.7" upper receiver.

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