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What Videos Would You Like To See Us Do?

Author Caleb Savant
8 months ago
Steve and Caleb need some help from you! What subject would you like to see them do a video about? Most of our videos are on topics requested by our customers and viewers. Yep, it's your requests and suggestions that power Smyth Busters, Quick Tips, Tech Tips, and even Product Spotlights. When the other Gun Techs™ start getting the same question over and over again on our Tech Line, their colleagues Steve and Caleb jump in and make video on the topic.
Drop us a line to tell us what firearm topic YOU would like to see the guys cover in a video. Tell us via an e-mail, a call to our Tech Line at 1-800-741-0015, or if you're so inclined, write us an actual USPS letter. If the subject is firearm related (ahem!), relevant to other folks, and legal, the guys will try to do a video about it.
More Good News: Here on our own site, we can offer videos that we can't post on other platforms due to content restrictions. This means you can look forward to more active "hands-on" demos, how-to projects, and similar content on topics we can't show on those other sites! So just about any firearm-related topic is fair game here: gunsmithing, reloading, repair techniques, installing upgrade parts / accessories, builds, and similar subjects.