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Rifle Builds / Installs

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How To Install the Reptilia RECC-E Stock
It's a lightweight, minimalist stock for your AR-15 carbine that's easy to install - especially after Caleb walks us through the process!
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Tech Tip: Convert Your Ordinary AK Into an Alpha AK
The AK platform has a solid reputation as a rugged, reliable firearm, but it falls way behind the AR-15 in accessory options - unless you turn it into an Alpha AK. Caleb walks us through it, step by step.
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How To Convert an AR-15 Pistol into a Rifle
Caleb shows us how to get our hands dirty, a little at least, by revamping an old AR pistol into a sweet "new" rifle.
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How To Install the SOLGW M89 Handguard
Here's an AR-15 M-LOK® handguard that'll bring new meaning to the term "rock solid" if you install it correctly! Caleb shows us how.
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Quick Tip: How To Mount M-LOK Accessories
Caleb Savant demonstrates how to set up and install M-Lok rail sections.
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Quick Tip: Using the Law Tactical Stock Folder on a 9mm AR-15
Gun Tech Steve Ostrem shows us how to use a Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter in a 9MM AR.

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